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Using HPC – FEM implementation

The gathered material focuses on using HPCs for solving complex PDE-based engineering problems, using the Finite Element and Finite Volume Methods.


The need for usage of FEM software for products analysis, suitable for today’s competitive market, is present at all levels. The gathered material presents tools for using HPC that enable addressing problems with higher complexity, and more detailed analysis of problems. Since most of the HE FEM courses are conducted using only one software, typically commercially available, introducing themselves also with Open Source Software and different approaches is beneficial for broadening the perspective.

Skills to be gained:

  • Be familiar with the workflow of using HPC
  • Understand the theoretical backgrounds behind FEM analyses
  • Understand the discretization of a problem in order to transfer from real-life case to a numerical one
  • Understand the parallelization principles at using HPC to solve problems
  • Be familiar with several different approaches for conducting numerical analyses
  • Have an oversight of several different software packages for numerical analyses

Public available material:

November 6, 2023