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Programming basics for HPC

In order to prepare yourself for the use of HPC enabled tools, you have to be familiar with basic programming skills. Therefore a bundle of the most needed programming skills is here to help you.


Parallel programming describes the breaking down of a larger problem into smaller steps. Instructions are delivered to multiple processors, which will execute necessary calculations in parallel – hence the name.

Skills to be gained:

  • Knowing how to set up and run data analysis in parallel on an HPC cluster with R and Python
  • Write parallel programs using MPI, OpenMP and CUDA
  • Parallelize serial programs by means of MPI, OpenMP and CUDA
  • Combine MPI with OpenMP or MPI with CUDA
  • Understand the discretization of a problem in order to transfer from real-life case to a numerical one
  • Parallelization of Machine and Deep Learning tasks to use multiple compute nodes and/or multiple accelerators (GPUs)

Public available material:

November 7, 2023