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The course focuses on using HPCs for solving complex PDE-based engineering problems, using the Finite Element and Finite Volume Methods. An introduction to HPC usage will be presented, as well as the employment of different software, such as Ansys, Elmer FEM, and OpenFOAM. Background on problem parallelization and benefits of using GPUs will be explained. The course will take place between June 28 and July 2 2021 and is free of charge.


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5 days

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September 2, 2021
5 days
Between applicants 15 participants per partner country (Italy, Slovenia, Austria and Czech republic) will be selected. Registration for the event is due at 27/6/2021.


The need for usage of FEM software for products analysis, suitable for today's competitive market, is present at all levels. Participants will be introduced with tools for using HPC that enable addressing problems with higher complexity, and more detailed analysis of problems. Since most of the HE FEM courses are conducted using only one software, typically commercially available, introducing themselves also with Open Source Software and different approaches is beneficial for broadening the perspective.

Target audience:

The program is intended for researchers, engineers, students and others that are interested in numerical analyses and would like to expand your knowledge on using different approaches on dealing with real life engineering problems and are interested in an insight of using HPC as a tool in Engineering of tomorrow. Number of involved students from each country (Italy, Slovenia, Austria, Czech Republic) is limited to 15.

Prerequisite knowledge:

Participants should be familiar with the basics of engineering principles, numerical analyses and be able to perform simple analyses. Furthermore, they should be able to work with Linux and have basic knowledge in programming. No specific experience with supercomputing systems is necessary.


The course will take place as an online event, using remote connection to local HPC cluster HPC-FS.

Skills to be gained:

At the end of the course the student will be able to:
  • Be familiar with the workflow of using HPC
  • Understand the theoretical backgrounds behind FEM analyses
  • Understand the discretization of a problem in order to transfer from real-life case to a numerical one
  • Understand the parallelization principles at using HPC to solve problems
  • Be familiar with several different approaches for conducting numerical analyses
  • Have an oversight of several different software packages for numerical analyses

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